KL Windows offer an independent repair service for your double glazed windows. No job is too big or small for us and we offer various services to get your windows looking and performing as good as new!
Bring new life to your home’s external and internal appearance by repairing windows you may think need replacing.


Efficient Double Glazing

Seal/Hinge Replacement

Windows can have new seals or gaskets fitted to eradicate drafts. Hinges can make windows usable again so the heat stays in and the cold stays out.

Window De-misting

Misty, blown and foggy panes will be easily and cheaply replaced to transform your window back to their original good looks.

Misty window repair
36872084 - window with mosquito net

Lock Replacement

Update windows from an aesthetic angle or increase security to your window with in built window locks within the handle. If a window is jammed shut, allow us to make your window usable again.

Restrictor Installation

Does an upstairs window open wide in a child’s bedroom? We can add a restrictor to increase the safety of a child falling out or to help prevent access in

Window Repairs Ashby

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