Door Lock Repairs Ashby de la Zouch

We offer a full replacement/repair service to most door locks. Avoid expensive locksmith fees.
Often a faulty locking mechanism can be to blame e.g.

  1. Does your door have a floppy handle?
  2. Does your key go in but you have to jiggle to open/close?
  3. Are there hooks/bolts that don’t retract in/out?
  4. Does the key not go in or turn?


Safe Front Door

Front Door Upgrades

Do you want to alter the look of your property? Give your door an overhaul with new handles and door furniture such as letterboxes and knockers.
We can also upgrade door panels or add in a catflap into panels or sealed glass units.

Door Repairs

We can often get most spare parts to breathe new life into patio doors and French doors. We can fix and replace rollers, hooks, locks, handles and add extra security options
We can adjust and realign doors that have dropped or are catching.

Door Repair Ashby de la Zouch

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